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NVPI, trade association of the Dutch entertainment industry, represents most of the Music Companies, publishers and distributors of Film and Online publishers of Games and other Interactive Software. 

NVPI consists of three departments: NVPI Audio, FDN and NVPI Interactive. Every department has it’s own administration. Together the three departments form a federation. This federation is responsible for the administration of NVPI.

NVPI Audio is affiliated with the international umbrella organisation IFPI. FDN is affiliated with IVF and FIAD. NVPI Interactive is a member of the European organisation ISFE.

NVPI Activities
The NVPI serves the interests of the entertainment industry in general and its members in particular. All the activities are subdivided into the following categories:

- Lobbying
- Announcements to the press and others
- Market research
- Rights enforcement
- Representation in consultative bodies
- Cultural/social activities
- Information for members
- Edisons
- Education of consumers and businesses

tel: 00 31 20 311 60 10